At Audiologists Northwest, we take pride in the range of hearing care services we provide our patients. We understand how important hearing is to your everyday life, which is why we have the following line-up of services to address your hearing care needs.

Hearing Tests

Hearing Testing and Evaluations

Choosing the right hearing aid starts with a clear understanding of your unique hearing loss needs. Our advanced testing procedures accurately identify whether or not you have hearing loss and measure the type and severity.

The first step toward better hearing is the hearing test. This simple, but detailed, initial test gives audiologists the information needed to recommend a solution for hearing problems. Since there are many causes and degrees of hearing loss, further evaluation is often recommended.

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Hand to Ear

Online Hearing Test

Think You Might Have Hearing Loss?

Take our free, 5-minute online test to get a better understanding of your hearing health. It can determine if a professional screening is right for you.

Start Test

Our Process

Finding the Perfect Match.

Hearing loss looks different for everyone, and as a result, there are a number of hearing aid varieties on the market. Through careful evaluations and custom fittings, we’ll help you find the best device for your hearing loss needs.

Hearing Aid Services

We Service Your Devices

From hearing aid screening, selection and fittings, to ongoing maintenance and repairs – we offer a wide range of services to keep your hearing aids performing their best.

Hearing loss is a major medical problem throughout the country. Most hearing loss occurs over time, and, at some point, people realize it is affecting their lives adversely. The evaluation process for hearing aids involves more than tests. Which devices are right for you? Can you use the smallest products? What are the choices? All these are answered in the evaluation, which includes details of your hearing environment and special circumstances of your abilities.

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Every electronic device is subject to wear and tear. Small wires, plastic parts and screws can become loosened in use. We can repair hearing aids of all styles here at the office or send them to authorized repair centers.

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